Pictures worth a thousand word-of-mouth

Be it while shooting architectural spaces or people, the visual vocabulary of MANOj's photography celebrates ambient light & its inherent darkness. Get ready to experience the magic of a higher dose of truth in photography you will soon get addicted to!  Nothing else qualifies as the most effective marketing message as genuine word-of-mouth publicity, you see! 2013 Home-05.jpg



Architectural processes, practices, portfolios, ideas, projects, philosophies, failures, lessons, interiors, restoration, landscapes, furniture, lighting, sustainability, green concerns, materiality, futuristic, marketing, archives, confusions, compromises, legends, victories, masters, followers...all as visual stories in photography and video.


like I FOUND them


Children, babies, toddlers, students, adolescents, youth, couples, families, friends, groups, gatherings, events, parents, grandparents, great grandparents, mentors, legends, masters, followers, celebrities, stars, professionals, business folks, living or dead, men and women..and everything in between-each comes filled with stories to share with the onlooker.


the way i interpreted


Movements or the lack of it, pace, dynamism, vibrations, slowness, stillness, moments and sounds, sighs, silence, melody, rhythm...that evoke memories, angst, melancholy, poetry, pathos, ethos, emotions, delicate expressions, desperation, fulfilment, inspiration, bliss, peace, drama, violence, sadness, compassion and moving stories.


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