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'Casa Historia’  is planned as a section on and will keep on profiling a selection of exceptionally designed residences and other architectural spaces. The idea is to provide a brilliant collection of architectural projects that will function as a reliable academic reference and design inspiration. We also hope that 'Casa Historia’  will help build a bridge between professionals and potential clients to discover one another.


in each architectural project now you may explore...


On 'Casa Historia’  we are trying to give you a journey through the entire process and evolution of a project. Each project will be comprehensively curated with a carefully documented selection of conceptual sketches, the final floor plans, elevations, 3D renderings, interviews, ideas, thoughts, testimonials, comments, processes, discussions, links of vendors involved and the mandatory photographs and videos illustrating the projects.

But we think the real differentiator will be all those stories we discover behind the ideas, discussions, decisions, confusions, solutions, emotions, trivia and above all insights you gather into the design philosophy within each project. We make this happen by interviewing the clients as well as designers involved. These little stories, we believe, will actually make each house a lot more inspiring and memorable to anyone who aspire for the right perspective to build a house - as clients or as professionals.

Every project will be listed, categorised, tagged and linked appropriately to make the reader explore the content more efficiently and purposefully. 

The beautiful house featured on this page called 'toya toya' and the associated ( mock ) details given are intended to show you a template. This is meant only to give you a visual idea on how a typical page of 'Casa Historia’ will look like.


 We encourage the guests of this house as well as these pages to comment very specifically and contribute your perspectives so that the story of each house keeps evolving. 

        Toya Toya by the river

        Binda house in Kalady


To give you an example it is interesting to read how this plot had this unique triangular/ funnel shape and how the architect in fact turned that into its best feature in maintaining privacy from the public gaze at the entrance yet maximising the width of the shimmering experience you witness by onlooking into the river. Hereafter your take on a more usual rectangular plot might become a bit skeptical especially when there is breathtaking nature that beckons in your backyard. 


A house is what you make of it. And that starts when you start dreaming about it. Only when you are able to share that dream with someone the dream is fulfilled. See how 'Casa Historia’ makes it happen.


The idea is to get each project profiled at the client’s cost
yet make it accessible to the architect’s firm as well.
We would appreciate it much if you could support us
by connecting us with a few good clients of yours.

Thank you.



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